Hi Arren,

I'm in the process of cleaning up old bugreports. This is a really old
one, and I need to apologize for not coming to this earlier.

On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 20:52:18 (EST), Arren Lex wrote:

> Package: mplayer
> Version: 1.0~rc1-3
> Severity: normal
> I have my window manager (kwin) set up to automatically maximise
> mplayer-xv windows. This worked great up to mplayer1.0pre8. I
> installed mplayer-rc1 and now the resizing doesn't work -- the window
> snaps back to the movie size. What might have caused this? I can still
> resize the window manually afterward.
> I should add that mplayer with other video drivers (gl, gl2, x11..)
> always had this problem: the windows snapped back to movie size. Xv
> was the only one that worked, until recently.
> /proc/cpuinfo lists 'sse', 'mmx', and '3dnow' in the flags; don't know
> if that's relevant. Using open-source radeon driver.
> P.S. no, I don't want to use fullscreen instead. I like having a
> taskbar visible, and the ability to resize the window at need. It's
> not nearly as convenient.

Does adding -zoom help here? From the manpage:

        Allow software scaling, where available.  This will allow
        scaling with output drivers (like x11, fbdev) that do not sup-
        port hardware scaling where MPlayer disables scaling by default
        for performance reasons.

That should fix it for all drivers but xv. If this problem is only with
xv, then this needs to be fixed in the radeon drivers.

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