On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 09:30:52AM +0200, Fabian Greffrath wrote:
Am 04.08.2010 18:16, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
I care for Debian, which implies that I care for users of Debian.

Ubuntu and other derivatives are users of Debian, and I care for them!

I am open to contributions from any and all Debian derivative. Ideally all Debian-derived distributions would work together with us here at Alioth.

I absolutely share and appreciate your opinion with regard to Debian and its derivatives.

If you consider it more important than have me do tidying for that particular package, then sure - go ahead...

But I must say that I disapprove this "We play my rules or else..." attitude (which reminds me a bit of the to-CDBS-or-not-to-CDBS discussion we had some weeks ago),

Yeah, they are similar in approach: I am very well aware that I have strong opinions on tight packaging while not wanting to impose those on others, so I make it clear what are my strong opinions but at the same time make it clear that if those are not sane to adopt as general principles for the team then I will simply go out of the way of the common team style of packaging.

That honestly is not meant as a threat. It is meant as an offer to not have long tedious discussions about minor (to others than me) issues.

...but sure it might be experienced as such anyway. Imagine if I were vegan and you were food lovers, and I wanted to hang out with you. I would then leave the party every time the menu was meat (or mostly meat with the non-meat part not very interesting), and even though not meant as a thread or wanting to turn you all into vegans, it might still be felt a bit like that that I only want to hang out with you those times you happen to eat the kind of food that I enjoy too.

because I believe this is not how team maintenance works. You are perfectly right and ubuntuisms should be maintained in a separate branch, but c'mon, this is about 10 bytes in a Recommends field. Please don't be so stubborn. ;)

Size in not important to me. Principle of drawing a line is important.

I can elaborate on why, if you insist, but if not I will refrain from doing so to help avoid stirring a long tedious discussion about an issue which I suspect is considered minor to most in this team.

For this concrete issue, I have now learned that it really is not trivial to Ubuntu to build from a different Alioth branch, as I thought. So I will have a look at using the vendor tag approach.

I do *not* want to harrass or punish Ubuntu for needing different packaging than Debian. I just want to draw a clear line on what is Debian and what is derived.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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