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retitle 506244 Prefer tremor on machines without FPU (e.g., armish platforms)

picking up an old bugreport, CC'ing everying involved so far.

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 22:11:24 (EST), Stefan Monnier wrote:

>>> mplayer struggles to keep up with a 64kbit/s Vorbis stream on my
>>> OpenMoko Freerunner, apparently because it uses the floating-point
>>> version of the Vorbis decoder rather than using the integer version
>>> (aka Tremor, aka libvorbisidec.so).
>> Just instruct MPlayer to use Tremor for decoding:
>> mplayer -afm libvorbis
>> mplayer -ac vorbis
>> and/or put something lik
>> ac=vorbis,
>> afm=libvorbis,
>> in your configuration file.
> This doesn't seem to tell it to use Tremor (i.e. libvorbisidec.so), but
> to use Xiph's libvorbis.so.  So AFAICT it's the same problem (the
> default codec is ffmpeg which also uses libvorbis.so for Vorbis
> files).

According to my research, -ac vorbis is supposed to use libvorbis (but
this is currently broken, needs further investigation). AFAIUI, the
correct way to use tremor is 'mplayer -ac tremor', which works on my
i386 laptop.

Stefan, can you please try if that works for you better on your OpenMoko

In case this works, Diego, Reimar, do you think it's worth to ship a
different codecs.conf on arm-ish (arm, armel and armhf) platforms that
prefer tremor over ffvorbis? Or can this preference perhaps be
influenced by a configure switch?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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