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On 06/08/10 13:46, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

Yee haw! I'm going to work thru the final kinks in the upstream SVN where I have been doing the development/packaging so far. Then I'll upload them.

I believe I speak for the team if I say we prefer if you work directly on the git repository, because then interested people can look at the commit logs via de commits mailing list.

Yes, that's my plan. So far, I've been doing the debian development in the upstream SVN. I thought it made the most sense to finish up the initial work there, so there is a coherent history there. Then once I submit the package to Debian, switch it over to the pkg-multimedia git. Does that make sense?

It does (to me, at least), if only you make sure to split it properly: Debian subdir in "master" branch and "upstream" branch either not contain that same subdir or packaging done with source format 3.0 - as I believe that automagically suppresses upstream debian subdir.

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