dear pkg-multimedia team!

i'm the upstream author of several multimedia related packages, some of
which are already in debian (most prominently "gem" and "pd-zexy").

most (of not all) of these packages are centered around the computer
music language "puredata".
all of them have originally been packaged by g√ľnter geiger, but he seems
to have not much time these days, so most of his packages have been

i volunteered to adopt some of these packages (that are relevant for me:
"puredata", "gem",...), but since i'm no DD/DM they have eventually been
adopted by paul brossier (piem[]debian).
since he has not so much time either, i'm currently helping him with
packaging both "puredata" and "gem" (e.g. the packages currently in
squeeze have been done by me).

no i noticed that another of my upstream software has been orphaned as
well ("pd-zexy") and i would like to adopt the package.

talking with hans-christoph steiner (who's on this list as well), he
meant that i should ask you (the pkg-multimedia-team) to join you and
then adopt the package as a team.
this would hopefully make the complicated task of finding a sponsor each
time i want to update a package more simple.

as a start i have updated the "pd-zexy" package to the most recent
upstream release (2.2.3).
even though i have access to the "collab-maint" group on alioth (my
username being "zmoelnig-guest"), i have decided to first push the
package to github ( resp.

i would be thankful if i could join your team (willing to invest time
especially around the packaging of "puredata" related software).

if someone could review my package (currently i have noted myself as
"maintainer", this of course could be changed to pkg-multimedia) and
think it's ok, i could push it to alioth. i would be thankful if someone
could sponsor a package upload.

what do you think?


PS: i'm currently subscribing to this list

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