On 08/13/2010 12:05 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> so i have now switched from using dh directly to cdbs, assuming that
>> this fixes the issue and to get cdbs addicts back on board :-)
> Awesome (for me).
> For fairness sake, I should probably mention that I am the only one in
> this team strongly pro CDBS, while it seems (though we have no hard
> numbers) that several others are opposed to it...

i see.
the first reaction on #debian-multimedia was: " *sigh* more cdbs..."

> README.Debian is wrongly encoded: Your name contain a non-ASCII
> character not encoded as UTF-8 which is mandatory these days.

i'll try to fix that.
i never completely figured how to do the UTF-8 think correctly...
iconv should do the trick....done!

> Changelog says the package is quilt'ified.  That seems a superfluous
> comment to me, since there is nothing in the package (not even
> infrastructure files) for patching.

well yes:
i started from the original pd-zexy package, which had patches and
quiltified them.
when upgrading to the latest upstream release, these patches became
superfluous (since they were already included).
however, source/format now reads "3.0 (quilt)", so i thought that was
quiltification enough.

feel free to remove the line in the changelog.

> It seems it could make sense to add a NEWS file mentioning the change of
> path, so that existing users get informed about the need to add to pd-path.

that's a good idea.
i'll do that.
are there any tools for handling the NEWS file?

> Now that you use CDBS, would you then mind me adding a couple of
> additional features of that - like auto-resolving build-dependencies,
> get-orig-source rule and copyright and licensing tracking?

sure, go ahead!


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