On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 12:34:57PM +0200, IOhannes zmölnig wrote:
On 08/12/2010 11:08 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

I just saw that IOhannes pushed the new 1.0.3 tarball, perhaps he's working it now. IOhannes?

Even if so, it won't hurt to import the intermediary tarball.

i have to admit that i'm not very firm at with upstream-tarball.mk (and cdbs in general).

upstream-tarball.mk is a make skeleton implementing a get-orig-source rule.

Use it the same as if implemented "by hand" in the rules file...

The following will fetch the upstream source corresponding to the currently packaged version (resolved by looking at topmost entry in debian/changelog):

  debian/rules get-orig-source

To get a newer version, first bump the version number and (CDBS-specific) comment out the tarball checksum in debian/rules, then execute above command.

Here's the routine I use when upgrading a CDBS package to a newer version:

  0) Check for new version:

    uscan --verbose --report

  1) Bump version by directly editing topmost debian/changelog entry
     (dch -v NNN can be used too, but this is only a temporary hack)

  2) Temporarily comment out DEB_UPSTREAM_TARBALL_MD5 in debian/rules

  3) Fetch new upstream tarball
     (if hanging at sourceforge: break, remove half-downloaded file
     and try again):

    debian/rules get-orig-source

  4) Copy the checksum from 3) to cut'n'paste buffer

  5) Reset temporary hacks:

    git reset --hard HEAD

  6) Import newly fetched (and perhaps repackaged) upstream tarball:

    gbp-import-orig ../tarballs/NAME-OF-PERHAPS-REPACKAGED-TARBALL

7) Update DEB_UPSTREAM_TARBALL_MD5 in debian/rules using 4) and commit debian/rules change as isolated commit

  8) Auto-generate draft changelog commit:

    git dch

9) Manually adjust version number to new release, and (if not releasing right away) changing suite from unstable to UNRELEASED,
     and commit debian/changelog changes as isolated commit

i have imported the latest (1.0.3) tarball using git-import-orig
(without any pristine-tar flags, since i didn't even know about them).
i'll probably leave it to jonas to get the upstream-tarball business
right :-)

I do not see your changes. Did you perhaps forget to push (depending on configuration you may need "push --all"), or did you deliberately not share your update?

If you pull my latest changes (which I mentioned earlier in this thread) then pristine-tar is automagically used (just make sure you have that package installed), as I added git-buildpackage config to enable it: No need to explicitly add it as option to the command.

Only when initially bootstrapping a git-buildpackage git is it needed to use --pristine-tar and --signed-tags. As soon as possible thereafter add a debian/gbp.conf file to have it always enabled.

 - Jonas

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