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>> [1] or agree to repackage using cdbs - I just won't you to get the >> impression that I lured you into this: most people in the >> multimedia team are fine with - yeah, even prefer - short-form dh, >> it is just me being obnoxious.
>I prefer dh over cdbs over long debhelper form. Are there any >technical reasons for not using dh?

Good question. Thanks for asking!

...and your question was easy and quick to answer exactly because you only asked for a one-sided view, not a(n attempt at) full comparison, which I suspect this thread may now turn into...

CDBS is more backports-friendly (beyond backports.org too!).

That's true. Using bleeding edge packaging tools make backporting

CDBS provides routines to fetch and repackage upstream tarballs

I don't use this feature, but it could be useful.

CDBS provides routines to track copyright and licensing info of sources.

That's nice. Where do I can read more about it?

Hehe, that's actually one thing CDBS lacks: proper and up-to-date documentation!

...and I don't even blog about it (yet - that's one of the planned outcomes of the Ikiwiki work I do with my girlfriend: she slowly started blogging quite some time ago but I set a bar so high for myself regarding "needed" features that I still - after a couple of years working on it - don't feel "ready").

Here's a quick intro (from my head - hope it works):

 1) Include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/utils.mk

 2) touch debian/copyright_hints
    (else you will simply be suggested to do this at each build)

 3) build as usual

4) copy the autogenerated debian/copyright_newhints to debian/copyright and verify and clean it up manually

...or what I do, and find smarter, is at 3) to a) build with "maintainer mode" enabled[1], b) manually apply patches, and c) only build the minimal necessary for the licensing check. Like this:

  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt push -a
  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 debian/rules pre-build

Also, I cleanup with maintainer mode enabled, which keeps the debian/copyright_newhints file but tidy other noise in source:

  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean
  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt pop -a

CDBS is less invasive - e.g. can be used with manually run dh_* commands

You can use override_dh_* to run a dh_* command manually.

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that with short-form dh you add debhelper to *every* build target, trusting it to then properly handle anything thrown at it.

Yes, you can then explicitly disable parts of it - for the parts that debhelper happens to support disabling.

What you do with CDBS is *not* enabling the parts you don't want CDBS to handle for you. As the prime example, you can choose to not let CDBS handle your debhelper routines but add that by hand. When I discourage using CDBS together with short-form dh it is because I fear debhelper being too intrusive and automagically taking over parts that it shouldn't. I would be more than happy to be assured that this is not the case, and they indeed work nicely together as long as you simply do not include the CDBS debhelper.mk snippet.

CDBS is written in make (short-form dh somewhat reinvents make in Perl)

Yes, but Makefile rules can get complicated. Do you want an example? I like dh because it's simple.

Perl code can be complex too.  You just tend to not look at that code.

What obviously helps is documentation. I never used documentation myself for CDBS, just looked at the snippets, and I agree they may look scary to someone not intimate in make (similar to autotools being disliked by many).

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

[1] DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE enables features ireelevant or even policy violating to do by default (e.g. on build daemons). It makes the copyright-check routien fail, not just warn, in case of new or changed copyright and licensing info - which is always the case when you've initially touch'ed the file.

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