On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 23:03:33 (CEST), Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

>> The example should go into /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples.
> The 'examples' folder is part of the standard library format for Pd
> libraries, so it needs to be in the library.  A .pd file is something
> like a .svg or a .ps: it is a text file, but its not human
> readable/editable in a useful way.  Really a .pd file is more like a
> binary like .elc or .pyc than a text file.  So I am not sure it is so
> useful in the /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples directory.

If you think these files help users to get started with the package,
then it should go there. If it doesn't help, leave it.

> Also, Pd users will expect the examples to show up in the Pd library
> browser.  Do you think it would be useful to
> make /usr/share/doc/pd-motex/examples a link to the examples in the
> library folder?

Yes, that makes sense to me. The format (html, text, pdf) doesn't really

>> Similar to the discussion on pd-zexy, is something needed to use motex?
>> If so, you should document that in README.Debian.
> The instructions in pd-zexy/README.Debian are not Debian-specific and
> nothing about the Debian packages require users to load libraries
> differently than on other platforms.  IMHO, Pd users are better off
> using the official Pd docs on how to load libraries rather than
> maintaining many different README files for each library that can easily
> get out of date.

Would it be possible to install a copy of the official documentation in
the package? This way debian users could also read it offline.

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