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debhelper maintains a history of very stable interfaces, called compat levels. I'd really love to see something similar to cdbs. And this very strict commitment to stable interfaces and semantics help a lot for backporting packages.

How does maintaining several API versions (compat levels) help backporting?

You can pretty much rely on the exact behavior of debhelper commands. future improvements and addition are still possible at higher levels, but for the sake of compatibility, they are not used until you bump the debhelper compat level.

But that is forward-porting, not backporting.

if you always use the most recent debhelper compat level, then yes. If you leave your package at the highest compat level that is in the oldest release you care about, then it helps backporting.

for stable this would mean to avoid the short form 'dh' forms with the quilt series features.

Do I understand you correctly here in that you really are not talking about the ABI levels at all, but minor version numbers of debhelper?

Or do you suggest to stick to debhelper compat level 6 for now, to not accidentally use features introduced in e.g. 7.2?

Or do you somehow mean to say that the fine ABI handling of debhelper also cover the changes between 7.0 and 7.2?

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