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On 08/15/2010 01:13 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
...but that's me. I can very well imagine others here having different opinion, if not about Marillat then about Ubuntu. We had a recent discussion about derivative-specific package dependencies with the result that I will keep baggage in the source (but not in binary packages) regarding "firefox" (shipped in Ubuntu but not Debian) using dpkg-vendor.

afaik, the only semi-official repository that has libgmerlin-avdec is marillat.
there are some launchpad packages for ubuntu (by roman haefeli), but i
guess those are less relevant than marillat's packages.
and then there is puredyne (which is an ubuntu clone with a lot of
multi-media packages) and they surely have libgmerlin-avdec...

those are the only published debian/clones packages i know of that could interfere.

Oh, my comment was more general. I did not expect this particular package to already exist at a lot of places...

...but I do expect others on this list disagreeing if I simply responded "we don't need to care about derivatives - just ignore it!". ;-)

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