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Hello again,

2010/7/31 Alexandre Quessy <alexan...@quessy.net>:
2010/7/26 Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>:

So? Are we close to the upload time? It seems to me we have solved the most important issues with this packaging. The version packaged is now the latest of the 0.6 stable branch. This software will be a useful contribution to Debian, I believe.

Any ETA on this? :)
(sorry to keep pinging you)
I think this package is a good candidate to be part of squeeze, the
next release of Debian.

Sorry - have been busy elsewhere. I am fine with you pinging me - doesn't annoy me at all, au contrare.

We did not make it for Debian Squeeze, unfortunately: It was declared frozen approx. a week ago. :-/

Manpage of milhouse says "There is also a shared video library". If we expect this to be ever used, we should not ship the header files together with the binary (in scenic-utils) but instead provide libscenic (or is that the proper name? that's the folder - there seem to be no central library in it) and libscenic-dev packages.

Also, milhouse looks like a daemon - would it perhaps make sense to start it with a sysV script?

 - Jonas

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