Hello Jonas,
I see you have done more work on these packages. Nice.

2010/8/15 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
> Sorry - have been busy elsewhere.  I am fine with you pinging me - doesn't
> annoy me at all, au contrare.

Ok. Yes, it brings up the email thread in the mail box. :)

> We did not make it for Debian Squeeze, unfortunately: It was declared frozen
> approx. a week ago. :-/

Too bad. :-(

> Manpage of milhouse says "There is also a shared video library". If we
> expect this to be ever used, we should not ship the header files together
> with the binary (in scenic-utils) but instead provide libscenic (or is that
> the proper name? that's the folder - there seem to be no central library in
> it) and libscenic-dev packages.

That's right. I thought about this. There is no central library/header
called scenic, but rather a few libraries that are in a directory
called scenic. I think libscenic is the name it should have. The files
that are intended to be public are:


The other file do not need to be public.

> Also, milhouse looks like a daemon - would it perhaps make sense to start it
> with a sysV script?

It's a command-line tool to stream, but is unidirectional and should
be stopped and started often by the user, depending on his needs. It's
the scenic Python application that is a GUI front-end to it that is
most often used by the user. (or milhouse using scripts) So, no, a
sysV script would not be wanted.

Alexandre Quessy

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