On 2010-08-16 03:31, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> I'm not a pd expert, but if I install some extensions, I expect to be
>> able to use them right away, without having to invoke pd with special
>> args. I'm getting the impression that we are not living up to that
>> expectation.
> You can use them right away the way they are being installed right now.
> Just like in python when you install a library, you still need to tell
> it to "import" it before using it.  In Pd its similar, but messier.
> There is the [import] and [declare] objects for doing this in the Pd
> patches themselves, and there is the -lib command line option.

and of course you can tell the interpreter to load certain libraries on
startup by the means of a preference system (this is most likely the
most commonly used case).

but it seems like the README.Debian is indeed a bit confusing; maybe
someone with better control of the english language could rephrase it
(ideally somebody with good Pd-knowledge like hans).

the reason why this info is in README.Debian and not in (e.g.) README
is, that upstream's README does not include this information (mea culpa).

the reason why it ought to be mentioned somewhere, is that (upstream)
zexy is "special" in the way, that is a library consisting of both
binary and interpreter files, and Pd handles these 2 kinds differently.
that's why i make all the fuzz about "-path" and "-lib"


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