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On 16/08/10 17:47, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

It seems that this thread gets easily hijacked ;)  Returning to the
Subject, I think pd-motex is ready for upload, thanks all for the

How are you editing debian/changelog? The timestamp is old!

Ah, oops, I forgot dch. I've been using emacs. The changelog is still something I am somewhat confused by. I get the idea of course, but the not the specifics. I was under the impression that pkg- multimedia uses git-dch to automatically generate the changelog, so I stopped editing it. Also, since this package hasn't been released yet, should I still be adding things to the changelog?

Also, there is no need to ship the GPL text in the package. It seems
like no patch or file tries to read the license, so no need to ship it
(we already have the copyright file).

The LICENSE.txt file is part of the standard library format.


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