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i think the pd-zexy package is almost ready for release.

i rephrased the README.Debian, hopefully it's clearer now

debian/changelog has better wording for quiltification

maintainer is now pkg-multimedia-maintainers@ (at least in
debian/control.in; how do i update debian/control from that; shouldn't
it be done automagically?)

comments, uploads?

When you clean the source in cdbs "maintainer mode", control file is updated[1]. Like this:

  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean

Would you mind me adding the CDBS copyright-check routine?

I can imagine how that may feel odd since you yourself are upstream for the code, but it does seem to me that you missed out some copyright and licensing pieces. Not licensing conflicts, so nothing for you to worry about as upstream, but for Debian we care not only about that but also of properly recognizing all upstreams - not only main ones.

Upstream you might want to consider improving the licensing headers to (more clearly) declare copyright years. Currently you state copyright like this:

 * copyleft (c) IOhannes m zmölnig
 *   1999:forum::für::umläute:2004

There are multiple problems with this (IANAL, so YMMV):

  * the term "copyleft" have no legal meaning
  * strings are expressed in latin1 (or latin13 or similar)
  * it is unclear if the second string is copyright years

I recommend to instead use the following one-liner:

 * copyright 1999-2004, IOhannes m zmölnig

I also recommend to encode using utf8, if that does not cause problems with the compiler or the resulting code. But this is less important.


 - Jonas

[1] True, that is lousily documented. And no, I do not intend to offer that functionality separate from CDBS.

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