On 17/08/10 12:30, Adrian Knoth wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 05:58:43PM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> I've had a small private followup conversation with Andreas about
>> this. He basically came up with the suggestion to turn
>> debian-multime...@lists.debian.org from a *development* oriented mailing
>> list to a *user* focused list. This way users can share their thoughts,
>> concerns and kudos.
> Sounds good to me.
> I also digged out some mails from the archive with subject "closing down
> debian-multimedia alioth project and l.d.o list", dating back to April
> 2009.
> I never noticed there was still traffic on debian-multime...@l.d.o.
> Anyway, make this the place for users and keep
> pkg-multimedia-maintainers for "internal" discussion.
> Also note that we should change the maintainer address in the following
> packages:
>    http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=debian-multime...@lists.debian.org
> If we want to make debian-multimedia a place for users anytime soon,
> we'd probably need to change all those packages upfront, IOW, before we
> release squeeze.
> I'm not entirely sure the release team is happy if we'll upload 17
> packages just because of a maintainer's email address change, but given
> the long release cycle, I see no other way if we want to use
> debian-multime...@l.d.o, unless it's acceptable to see a bug reports now
> and then on this list.
> BTW: Many of these packages are pretty old, e.g. no new upload since
> 2007 for hexter. They are also not available on git.debian.org. It might
> be a good first step for beginners to get some experience with git,
> git-buildpackage, team guidelines (multiline fields) and housekeeping in
> general to help with these 17 packages. WDYT? ;)

Lets go over the list:

freecycle: Looper and sampler. No upstream release since 2007. It seems
like we have more active loopers in debian? Popcon < 250.

fusd-kor: Is this necessary anymore? Its for tunneling OSS into jack.
Last website update on 2007. popcon = 2 (!).

gigedit: Already worked on, it seems.

gmerlin: Is this taken care of by gmerlin-avdecoder?

goattracker: C64 music editor. Updated on january. Does anyone still
want to play C64 music files? Popcon < 250

hexter: DSSI plugin. Has a version released in 2009. Popcon < 150

ll-scope: DSSI plugin. No upstream release since 2007. Is DSSI actively
used? Popcon < 100

mcp-plugins: LADSPA plugins. A new upstream release is available, looks
like it is from 2008. popcon < 1200

milkytracker: Upstream page is 403-Forbidden. I think we can drop a
dead-upstream project. Popcon ~= 250

ocp: A music player. Do we need yet another one? Popcon < 500.

openmovieeditor: Has a new upstream release from 2009, but the project
seems dead. Popcon < 1000.

rev-plugins: A LADSPA reverb. No upstream release since 2007. Popcon ~=

sineshaper: A DSSI synth plugin. No upstream release since 2007. Popcon
< 60.

stops: Definitions and instrument for aeolus. No upstream release since
2007. Popcon < 200.

vco-plugins: LASPA anti-aliased oscillators. No upstream release since
2007. Popcon ~= 700.

vkeybd: A virtual keyboard. No new upstream release. Popcon ~= 350

wavbreaker: Cuts a wav file into sections. No upstream release since
2008. I think we have alternative applications in debian. Popcon ~= 80.

I believe that if no one steps in to take care of these packages, we can
safely orphan them (except maybe {vco,mcp}-plugins).

Felipe Sateler

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