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There is no need to install a lot of applications on one machine. The blends-dev tools are building a tasksel control file which really would install everything in the task. This was used by Debian Edu and the functionality is keept - but there is no need to really use tasksel (even if the name "tasks" is inspired by tasksel). In Debian Med and Debian Jr. the usage of metapackages is prefered and there you have on one hand the alternatives option for instance

   Depends: mplayer | xine-ui | ffmpeg

is fullfilled if only one of them is installed as well as if you can also use

   Suggests: <not so important package>

which IMHO are two important advantages over the tasksel approach.

At what time are these metapackages used/installed? After tasksel in the installer? Instead of tasksel?

By tasksel.

Correct me if I am wrong, Andreas, but I believe it works exactly like a standard old-fashioned metapackage, and that the difference is in how it is maintained (i.e. developed) and what *additional* uses it has maintaining package relations like this.

Let's imagine the following depends in the 'multimedia-consumer'

Depends: mplayer | gxine | totem | kaffeine | dragonplayer | vlc

I guess that if we the user first selects to install an KDE system in tasksel in d-i, and in that task kaffeine (or dragonplayer, not sure what the current default media player is) is installed, the 'multimedia-consumer' metapackage will not install any other media player, correct?

Beware that if *both* KDE *and* multimedia-consumer is selected during same installation routine (e.g. at initial install) then there is no guarantee which media-player, or how many of them, gets installed.

Assuming that an 'LXDE' task does not install any media player and is selected first in the installer, does the 'multimedia-consumer' metapackage only install mplayer and nothing else?

Beware that if first installing KDE + multimedia-consumer, and then at a later installation batch installs LXDE, then there is no ensurance (from multimedia-consumer) that any multimedia tools optimal for LXDE gets installed. Even uninstalling and later reinstalling multimedia-consumer does not ensure this.

It is (during installation, at least) simply a metapackage!

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