On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 08:33:45PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> At what time are these metapackages used/installed? After tasksel in  
>> the installer?  Instead of tasksel?
> By tasksel.
> Correct me if I am wrong, Andreas, but I believe it works exactly like a  
> standard old-fashioned metapackage, and that the difference is in how it  
> is maintained (i.e. developed) and what *additional* uses it has  
> maintaining package relations like this.

Not completely right.  Blends-dev creates a <blend>-tasks package which
contains a tasksel control file which works with tasksel.  I personally
did not used this tasksel option because the only use *I* see would be
in replacing the default tasks in d-i (or adding them to default tasks).
Because this was not accepted by tasksel maintainer I *personally* go
with the single metapackages because they allow more fine grained
selection (as it was explicitely requested here with alternatives).

>> what the current default media player is) is installed, the  
>> 'multimedia-consumer' metapackage will not install any other media  
>> player, correct?
> Beware that if *both* KDE *and* multimedia-consumer is selected during  
> same installation routine (e.g. at initial install) then there is no  
> guarantee which media-player, or how many of them, gets installed.

That's correct - but we do not have a reasonable way to control this
(except with the debconf method I suggested previosely in the thread).

> Beware that if first installing KDE + multimedia-consumer, and then at a  
> later installation batch installs LXDE, then there is no ensurance (from  
> multimedia-consumer) that any multimedia tools optimal for LXDE gets  
> installed.  Even uninstalling and later reinstalling multimedia-consumer  
> does not ensure this.
> It is (during installation, at least) simply a metapackage!

That's correct.

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