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It was just a suggestion (or, really, a recommendation), not a requirement (for you as upstream).

We (Debian) do need, however, to make sure that upstream copyright claims and licensing permissions are properly identified.

If the file headers do not (in our understanding of legal requirements for *redistributors* - not for *upstreams*) contain clear statements of both copyright and licensing, then we will need a written statement from those authors stating clearly the info we need.

This also, as I see it, implies that if e.g. a README file in the topmost directory of the upstream tarball claims that this project is Copyright authors A, B and C, but one file claims Copyright author D, then file takes presedence over README, and if then that file cannot be parsed reliably regarding *both* copyright and licensing, then that file is deemed unsatifiably licensed for redistribution.

thanks for the hint.
i noticed that upstream's README.txt includes several more authors,
which do not appear in any source file and definitely not (yet) in

Please have a look at the changes I pushed just now, especially the FIXMEs in debian/copyright and the rephrasings in changelog.

You are free to not want to improve clarity of upstream copyright and licensing, but you risk some distributors then choosing not to want to redistribute your fine code.

just for the sake of completeness, i want to point out that pd-zexy has been distributed in Debian and derivatives for more than 5 years. the copyright did not seem to be such an issue until know.

this however can only mean that nobody had a look so close as you guys. upstream is happy about that close inspection and will incorporate changes based on the suggestion on this list in the next upstream release.

We seem to understand each other :-)

 - Jonas

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