On 2010-08-18 20:38, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> After I stomped the topmost one about source URL (puredata.info was down
> earlier today, apparently), there are now 2 FIXMEs left.
> Upper one is obviously a typo, so not a show-stopper.  I would suggest
> you fix it upstream for your next release, though (if not claiming
> copyright in 22nd century is some artistic logo).

ah no, the date is the logo is somewhat inconsistent.
sometimes it reads YYY1:forum::für::umläute:YYY2 (if the copyright spans
YYY1-YYY2), and sometimes it reads DDMM:forum::für::umläute:YYYY (if the
file was done on a single day).
in the given case, i will change that to a year range, as it already
covers a time span :-)

> Lower one I would appreciate if at least you could clarify - just here
> as an email on this mailinglist, so we have it for the record:
> Under which license do Winfried Ritsch license his contributions to
> src/sfplay.c?



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