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After I stomped the topmost one about source URL (puredata.info was down earlier today, apparently), there are now 2 FIXMEs left.

ah i was so busy answering your questions, that i forgot to rephrase my original question (remember, i'm still trying to learn):
how are those FIXMEs to be fixed (apart from your questions).
i mean, can i just edit the debian/copyright file, or do i have to tell
cdbs somehow else how to FIX.
if i add the FIXMEs manually, how do i ensure that the format stays DEP5 compatible?

CDBS do not automagically maintain debian/copyright. Instead it maintains a "shadow" file debian/copyright_hints. At every build, source is scanned and a temporary debian/copyright_newhints generated and then diff'ed with debian/copyright_hints, and if the first contains additions compared to the latter, a warning is emitted (or the build fails, if DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE is enabled).

debian/copyright still needs to be maintained "by hand". There is not yet any DEP5 validators or parsers, only the work-in-progress definition itself, at http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ - so hava a go at reading that :-)

For the concrete FIXMEs I suggest we simply release the package as-is, and when next upstream release hopefully improves its copyright and licensing hints we may be able to sanely remove them.

 - Jonas

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