Am 20.08.2010 14:46, schrieb Eric Valette:
I'm reporting that with current availble matroska package in
unstable+experimental, you cannot build experimental vlc and yes I did
a build-dep but since matroska 0.8.1 is the only available version...

Experimental isn't a consistent distribution.

Packages from experimental don't necessarily build with all the other packages from experimental. I think the culprit here is rather the API mismatch between libebml (1.0.0 already in exp.) and libmatroska (1.0.0 targeted at exp. currently waiting in NEW), which isn't vlc's fault, though.

I hijack yes maybe because vlc should not have entered experimental
unless libmastroaka was leaving the new queue.

Nothing keeps vlc from entering experimental as long as its build-dependencies are satisfied in unstable.

 - Fabian

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