Le Fri 20 Aug 10 à 20:37 -0400, Dave Witbrodt a écrit :
> Then I noticed that vlc was still remembering the old "recent files"
> playlist from stuff I had played on version 1.0.6.  But if I had blown
> away the config files, how was it remembering?  So, maybe there are
> other config files, right?
> A quick
>     find -name '*vlc*'
> in $HOME found a directory called '.config/vlc'.  Moving that out of the
> way restored video.  All the video formats I have files to test have
> worked, so everything was actually just fine all along.
> Scanning for tips about this in
>     /usr/share/doc/vlc/{changelog,NEWS,README}* 
> revealed no direct statement that configs were incompatible between
> versions 1.0* and 1.1*.  What baffles me is:  how could they be
> incompatible, since they moved?  Maybe vlc looks in both places now?
> Does it get confused if it finds old configs and tries to use them?

The change actually happened between 0.9.x and 1.0.x . But config files
shouldn't create problem like that. Do you happen to still have the old
config file ? I'd be interrested by having it ( or a diff -u with the
new config file)

> Can we please have something about this in the vlc man pages and/or
> /usr/share/doc/vlc?  I have a feeling a lot of Debian vlc users are
> going to get burned by it.

I'll add a note in the debugging tip presented when you launch


Could you try to remove/move away ~/.config/vlc/


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