On Sat, 2010-08-21 at 15:45 -0400, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> On 21/08/10 15:10, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> > 
> > Ok, so we got pd-motex uploaded, and I've been applying all the feedback
> > to my whole batch of packages.  So I hope this one is looking quite
> > polished.  I guess my only question is whether to put anything in the
> > debian/changelog since this is the first submission of this package to
> > Debian.
> > 
> > http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/pd-pmpd.git;a=summary
> Comments:
> 1. Please don't tag releases that have not yet been uploaded to debian
> (delete them with git tag -d before pushing). The person uploading the
> release will tag it.

Oops, sorry, still learning the git-buildpackage tools.  Its fixed now.

> 2. Perhaps it would be good to install the pdf manual?

Yup, good idea, its the only one of these libs to have a PDF manual.
The changes are now pushed to alioth!


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