I have been playing around with both JACK1 and JACK2 for the last little
while. Since I distribute AV Linux I settled on JACK1 because it seemed to
have much better "across the board" compatibility with a broader range of
both hardware and software. Recently I have been investigating the
inclusion of Ladish (which I think the pkg-multimedia team should also
consider). The main thrust of Ladish development seems to favour JACK2 and
it's included dbus capabilities.

It seems currently if I want to crossgrade from JACK1 to JACK2 all JACK
related packages will be removed?? I was under the impression from
previous experiments that both JACK versions could be drop-in replacements
for each other. Has this changed? Is there a possibility of a dbus enabled
JACK1 within Debian? If I have to I can build my own way around these
issues but I much prefer to work with the pkg-multimedia packages to
ensure future compatibility.

I appreciate the team's time and efforts!

Regards -GLEN

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