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> Hi,
> I have been playing around with both JACK1 and JACK2 for the last little
> while. Since I distribute AV Linux I settled on JACK1 because it seemed to
> have much better "across the board" compatibility with a broader range of
> both hardware and software. Recently I have been investigating the
> inclusion of Ladish (which I think the pkg-multimedia team should also
> consider). The main thrust of Ladish development seems to favour JACK2 and
> it's included dbus capabilities.

We are already discussing the inclusion of ladish:

> It seems currently if I want to crossgrade from JACK1 to JACK2 all JACK
> related packages will be removed?? I was under the impression from
> previous experiments that both JACK versions could be drop-in replacements
> for each other. Has this changed? Is there a possibility of a dbus enabled
> JACK1 within Debian? If I have to I can build my own way around these
> issues but I much prefer to work with the pkg-multimedia packages to
> ensure future compatibility.

No, during my tests I could not observe any of such symptoms, jackd2 and
jack-audio-connection-kit should be replace each other cleanly without
removing installed applicaitons. There was a transition period in debian
unstable and testing until all applications have been rebuilt
(application needed to pick up new dependencies), but this has recently
been finished and you should not encounter such problems at all.

Do you perhaps have some other 3rd party repositories enabled that might
interfere here?

Otherwise, please share a more detailed apt output and try to find out
why apt wants to remove packages.

> I appreciate the team's time and efforts!

You're welcome!

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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