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On 2010-08-23 09:58, Reinhard Tartler wrote:

If they are indeed in non-standard paths such that the dynamic linker doesn't see it without setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or similar, then you're right. But..

nevertheless, it complies with it...

even on amd64? There are some architectures that are pretty picky about position independent code. BTW that's why there is this rule in debian policy in the first place.

pd-zexy compiles everything with "-fPIC" an ALL (including amd64)
the discussion arose, because jonas wanted it to be compiled withOUT -fPIC (which is in contradiction to the debian policy afaict)

do i get something wrong?

No - I had it upside down. Lucky you are upstream, not me, as it seems you actually know what you are talking about ;-)

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