Hi all

Following IOhannes m zmoelnig and Hans-Christoph Steiner (both
subscribed to this list and both now members of the pkg-mutlimedia team)
I would like to join the forces to bring some Pure Data related packages
into Debian and to help with the maintenance of those. I hope to do this
in favour of both the Debian community and the Pd community. 

I've been involved in the Pd community for a few years and use the
software and its externals on a regular basis. I don't have written
externals myself, since I am no C developer, but I contributed code in
form of so called abstractions (modules written in the Pd language). 

I closely followed the process of finalizing the pd-motex package to
make it Debian ready and now that it was finally uploaded, I'd like to
try it myself with the package pd-wiimote. 

I posted a ITA bug report: Bug#593411
I am currently hosting it at:

Many thanks for addressing this request in advance. 


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