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I see that you use CDBS.  Nice! :-D

Then I suggest to use auto-resolving of build-dependencies (currently they are not quite optimal):

 1) copy debian/control to debian/control.in
 2) edit debian/control.in replacing cdbs build-dpendency with @cdbs@
 3) invoke the following command to regenerate debian/control:

   DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean

 4) Check what changed in the now auto-updated debian/control
 5) Remove manual entries from debian/control.in now auto-resolved

I don't understand this step. Also it's not always clear when I should do a step or when CDBS is doing it for me...
I tried to play with it, not sure if I get it for 100% though.

Generally CDBS don't do anything *for* your, but work *with* you.

So don't let CDBS do anything that you do not understand yourself!

In other words: Please ask!

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