Hello everyone,
I was wondering if someone had hints on how to package a library. The
things I want to package are often distributed with at least an
executable which uses them.

The packages I am working and contain libraries on are: scenic, spinframework.
I am also interested in packaging lyd.

For now, I used CDBS, but I would like to give a try to dh 7, to
compare. :) Whatever works first...
Any examples of packages I should check out?

I looked at liblo, which is a library I know and use. It's pretty
I found some info about the soversion (liblyd0, for example) in the
Debian policy manual.
There is no debian/shlibs file in the Git repo for the packaging of
liblo. I guess it's generated by the debian/rules file?

It seems like the versioning of the shlibs rely on the
LO_SO_VERSION=7:0:0 in configure.ac. Some project may not provide this

I'll keep digging into this.
Alexandre Quessy

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