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Just a pointer for those who might be concerned:



I don't know if, e.g. DC10 h264 video files on a server qualify as "streaming".

Even if it does, it is still only free-from-fee, not free-as-in-speech.

So are the IETF RFCs, but we still use their implementations. I think you're missing the point here.

Nobody is arguing here about using non-free software, but the ability to watch the debconf videos on mobile phones or iPads, etc., seems very neat to me.

PS: we have a dfsg-free implementation of an h264 encoder currently in NEW.

I believe the issue raised is if it makes sense for Debian/Debconf to *produce* actively-enforced patent-encumbered material.

Yes, I am aware this is patenting, not licensing.

Yes, it would be nice if the whole world was free, not only some software on top of some hardware.

No, TTBOMK Debian do not *produce* any non-free RFCs even if we ship some in non-free.

Yes, nobody is arguing about using non-free software. Not even me :-)

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