On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 17:31:43 (CEST), Alexandre Quessy wrote:

> There is no debian/shlibs file in the Git repo for the packaging of
> liblo. I guess it's generated by the debian/rules file?

yes, see the manpage of dh_makeshlibs. The file is generally created
during runtime of debian/rules, but policy does not require that dynamics.

> It seems like the versioning of the shlibs rely on the
> LO_SO_VERSION=7:0:0 in configure.ac. Some project may not provide this
> upstream.

This is a libtool speciality and not every upstream uses libtool. Many
other upstreams prefer to add the -soname parameter to the linker
themselves in order to avoid libtool's complexity.

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