On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 03:39:18 (CEST), Thomas Maass wrote:

> I did not understand the thing with the itp-bug.

do you understand now? I've given you a reference where to look up in
the original mail.

> Because clipgrab.xpm and the name is not licensed under the GPLv3,
> I added the original copyright file to the package.
> The author allowed me to use it with the Debian package.

Unfortunately, debian does not accept debian specific licenses and
agreement. all work that we redistribute must be free to everyone,
cf. DFSG§8

> I am still no member of a team, so where the maintainer field
> should point to?

Well, AFAIUI you've proposed the package for this team, didn't you?

> The description is not terse, the program doesn't do more, that
> I have descriped.

for general guidelines on package descriptions

> I have corrected the desktop file and removed libstdc++-dev from
> the build dependencies.


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