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really depends on how the package uses them. In general, putting them into /usr/lib/$package/ should do it, but it really depends on how the package uses them. are they used as plugins like in xine, vlc? or are they convenience shared libraries, like e.g. in openoffice?

where do upstream's installation scripts install them?

As quoted above, it is normal shared libraries which upstream simply consider immature for public use.

that's fair.

Personally I suspect that as such we really should treat them as normal public shared libraries anyway for Debian packaging

well, I suspect upstream considers them immature and instable for a reason, no?

Sure - what I challenged was not the fact that it is unstable, but if perhaps we as distribution might have other concerns tied to our packaging upgrade mechanisms.

(as I suspect we might run into similar packaging upgrade problems no matter how stable upstram consider the files), but I might be unaware of other acceptable approaches.

Upstream install the files below /usr/lib/scenic/

the obvious approach: just leave them there and be done with it. what problem do you try to solve?

First I try to understand if there _is_ a problem :-)

What triggered my concern was those lintian warnings that I mentioned in the other subthread.

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