On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 08:24:37PM +0400, Gregory Petrosyan wrote:
> Can you please tell what output plugin are you using in cmus? What
> sound system is Debian using (ALSA or Pulse)?

I think Debian uses pulseaudio but I don't now how to find out. I just
uninstalled all alsa related packages and cmus and vlc work fine.
> Do I understand correctly that cmus sets the volume of system-wide
> mixer to 100% on both startup and shutdown?
>                 Gregory

I will try to be elaborate: I'm using pavucontrol now to set the volume.
There are two bars in pavucontrol, one for master volume and one for cmus
volume (this one appears only when cmus is running and a song was played).
I set both bars to some middle value. I exit cmus and start it again. Now cmus 
volume 100% however master volume is still on 50%. Now I play a song and I
can see how master volume in pavucontrol is also being set to 100%. I'm pretty
sure that cmus-volume was set to 100% during the last exit of cmus, because
I can hear it go up very briefly before the program exits.

summary: cmus-volume goes up on exit, master goes up on first playing of a

Also, I realize now that the behaviour of the two bars is not influenced 
by the setting softvol. Only the value of the software controlled volume is
saved, but the two bars in pavucontrol go up just as without softvol.

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