Jonas Pfenninger wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 08:24:37PM +0400, Gregory Petrosyan wrote:
> > Can you please tell what output plugin are you using in cmus? What
> > sound system is Debian using (ALSA or Pulse)?
> output-plugin=pulse
> I think Debian uses pulseaudio but I don't now how to find out. I just
> uninstalled all alsa related packages and cmus and vlc work fine.

OK, thanks — can anybody else confirm if PA is indeed Debian's native
sound system?

Because if this is not the case, using ALSA output plugin can yield
better results.

> > Do I understand correctly that cmus sets the volume of system-wide
> > mixer to 100% on both startup and shutdown?
> >
> I will try to be elaborate: I'm using pavucontrol now to set the volume.
> There are two bars in pavucontrol, one for master volume and one for cmus
> volume (this one appears only when cmus is running and a song was played).
> I set both bars to some middle value. I exit cmus and start it again. Now 
> cmus shows
> volume 100% however master volume is still on 50%. Now I play a song and I
> can see how master volume in pavucontrol is also being set to 100%. I'm pretty
> sure that cmus-volume was set to 100% during the last exit of cmus, because
> I can hear it go up very briefly before the program exits.
> summary: cmus-volume goes up on exit, master goes up on first playing of a
> song.
> Also, I realize now that the behaviour of the two bars is not influenced
> by the setting softvol. Only the value of the software controlled volume is
> saved, but the two bars in pavucontrol go up just as without softvol.

I am using Ubuntu, and I can not reproduce this behaviour: cmus does
not affect system-wide volume level in any way.

Volume (cmus application one) is not saved, however, and cmus does
start with 100% every time. I will try to address this.


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