I'm following up to see whether someone will sponsor these packages. All of the rest of the packages that I've ITP'ed depend on these, so I would like to get these in so I can continue submitting the rest of the libraries.

I think that it'll be a while before puredata-dev gets sorted out and uploaded, and puredata 0.43 is not even released yet, so I think its worthwhile to upload these with the current patched workaround.

Plus once I become DM or DD, then I can do the follow-up uploading myself, thereby not inconveniencing anyone else :) If someone here will vouch for me, I'll revive my DM application now. :-D


On Sep 13, 2010, at 4:15 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

Ok, I figure while we are on a roll, I'll feed in a few more from my
backlog.  The ones so far are just standard Pd libraries, so pretty
straightforward.  These two, puredata-import and pd-libdir, are things
to support libraries, so they are not big, but more complicated to
package. Also, the lack of puredata-dev makes it a bit more complicated
(its in collab-maint/puredata.git awaiting attention from the
Maintainer).  These two are quite important so I wanted to get them in
now, then when/if puredata-dev arrives, I'll amend them appropriately.

You'll notice that these two packages include two headers as a patch.
That's what should be in puredata-dev, but are not yet.  We also just
streamlined the installation of headers upstream in 0.43, that's why
these depend on puredata (<< 0.43).

There is also the naming of pd-import vs puredata-import.  Basically,
there are multiple forks of Pd, 'puredata' represents the original.  I
hope to package 'pdanywhere' and 'pdextended' soon. That's the origin of
the "Provides: pd", these packages will all provide 'pd'.
puredata-import is not called pd-import because its meant for only
'puredata', not 'pdextended' for example.  'pdextended' has the import
object built-in, so 'pdextended' will "Provides: pd-import".

Also, libdir-1.9.tar.gz and import-1.3.tar.gz were recently uploaded to sourceforge, so they are not showing up for me yet with a "uscan -- dehs



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