>> 09:47 <siretart> I've mailed yesterday, but it seems the mail got lost
>> 09:47 <Ganneff> (that you didnt get a reply yet doesnt mean lost)
>> 09:47 <Ganneff> your easiest (fastest) way is to upload something where
>> the changes name differs
>> 09:47 <Ganneff> or, wait until im back home this evening. or
>> have time.
>> 09:48 <siretart> but how did that happen? is there actually an upload
>> with that version?
>> 09:48 <siretart> I cannot see in in the mirror on merkel
>> 09:49 <Ganneff> no there is not. i would want to look more what
>> happened, but you might have just fallen "below" the
>>                 table when we fixxored up one bug during weekend where
>>                 we simply did that to many packages
>> 09:50 <siretart> ah, I understand that in this case, you don't require
>> another upload, right?
>> 09:50 <Ganneff> not if this can wait until evening
>> 09:50 <Ganneff> if you are in a hurry you do want to
>> 09:51 <siretart> ok
> 00:04 <Ganneff> siretart: 00:04:10 <BTS> projectm 2.0.1+dfsg-4 uploaded
> Matthias Klumpp <matth...@nlinux.org>
>                 http://packages.qa.debian.org/projectm
> 00:04 <Ganneff> was the same bug that we fixed during the meeting, seems
> your package just fell below us cleaning up

Thanks for making it work again!
Kind regards

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