On 2010-09-28 13:46, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Yeah!  I need this very functionality.  Awesome!


> I don't do sponsorship. 

is this some cdbs thing?

> How about teaming up instead?

sure, why not.

> @Reinhard: Why do you feel this is unsuitable for the Multimedia team?

i did not have the impression that reinhard wanted to say this (but of
course he could speak for himself).

anyhow, here is the relevant log:
Don Aug 26 2010
17:35 < zmoelnig> is the pkg-multimedia-team only packaging user-space
things, or is it fine to package kernel modules as well?
17:36 < zmoelnig> i mean packaging something like vloopback-source via
17:39 < siretart> zmoelnig: if you find a 2nd developer that advocates
that package, sure, why not?
17:40 < siretart> zmoelnig: I'd reckon that none of the existing team
members has experience with packaging kernel modules, so having a backup
person that can work on the package would be really great
17:41 < siretart> zmoelnig: but what you can do in any case is to
maintain the package in the collab-maint git repo and ask for sponsoring
on the pkg-multimedia list. I think that would be an acceptable compromise

so assuming that jonas is the "2nd developer", i guess we could just do
it in pkg-multimedia.
since i did not have a second one a few hours ago, i went for the
collab-maint route.

but of course, if we do it in a team, that's all the better.


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