Dear members of the pkg-multimedia team,

I am the upstream author of Toonloop and wish to package its new 2.0.0
release that is fresh. :)

Here is what the man page says about it:

Toonloop  is a live stop motion animation software. It aims to show the
creation process to the audience as well as the result of the creation.
The  frame  by frame animation is made by adding frames one by one to a
clip made of many frames. Clips are displayed in a never  ending  loop.
Toonloop can also grab video images continuously.

Toonloop  is  a  great tool for teaching new medias to children. It can
also be used as a professional software for movie creators,  though  it
is mainly intended to be used in a live kiosk of show. In the left win‐
dow, you can see what is seen by the live camera. In the right  window,
it  is  the result of the stop motion loop. To add an image to the cur‐
rent clip, simply press the space bar.

Toonloop can be controlled using MIDI input, or the Open Sound  Control
protocol.  (OSC)  Images  are saved to the disk in the JPEG format, and
the clips are saved using the photo-JPEG video codec. (using mencoder)

I opened an ITP bug for its version 1.2, but the dependencies never
got packaged. Meanwhile, I rewrote it. Version 2 is now ready. Here is
the old ITP bug:

I guess I could simply answer to this bug and say that the version
2.0.0 is now available?

Is there anyone interested in working with me to package it? I'm using
CDBS to package a software in C++ using Clutter, GStreamer and some
Boost libraries. The packaging for Ubuntu is at and it should take me about 15
minutes to package it for Debian. (I had tried with a slightly older
version and it was right) There are a few lintian warnings about
useless links to some libraries, but that's it.

Alexandre Quessy

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