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My name is Lluís Gómez i Bigordà, I'm Barcelona based free software enthusiast, and there I had studies in computer science.

[details snipped]

Impressive! Welcome aboard!

Lately I'm geting more and more aware on the importance of the software maintainment and for that reason I decided to ask you join pkg-multimedia. Fo sure I can learn a lot on this group and also (I hope) I can contribute some work-force and a bit of knowledge ... :)

I'm not the man with more time in the world and I don't really know how much effort I'll need to be useful here but maybe I can try to see how the things are going on and find my way to contribute ..... is that ok for you guys ?

You are welcome to just hang out and follow the lists. Obviously we hope than you will at some point get more involved and help maintain packages - after all that's what this team is all about. But I can't see any harm even if you stay inactive.

Also feel free to ask questions. I am sure we will let you know if we feel that you some reason are more a burden than an asset, but I cannot imagine that happening :-)

PD: ah! I already cerated an alioth account and subscribed pkg-multimedia-maintainers and pkg-multimedia-commits mailing list.


Please also read our pages at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia if you haven't already.

 - Jonas

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