2010/10/19 Felipe Sateler <fsate...@debian.org>:
> On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 11:15, Dan S <danstowell+de...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2010/10/9 Alexandre Quessy <alexan...@quessy.net>:
>>> Hello Felipe and the team,
>>> 2010/10/6 Felipe Sateler <fsate...@debian.org>:
>>>> On 09/21/2010 01:40 PM, Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>>>>> There are quite a few lintian warnings, but I tried the vim plugin and
>>>>> it works.
>>>> Yes, quite a bit. The package needs a lot of work. First of all,
>>>> debian/copyright needs some serious overhaul. Are you familiar with the
>>>> codebase? If so, please take a look at that.
>>> No much familiar, no. Dan would know better than me.
>> What sort of overhaul is needed? There are quite a few different
>> copyrights asserted, making it fairly bulky, but I don't spot any
>> wrongness.
> For starters, a whole lot of paths are wrong (they are missing the
> common/ subdir prefix). Hmm, maybe serious overhaul is an
> overstatement, but getting the right paths is a must, and made me
> doubt the overall quality of the file, perhaps indicative of neglect.

Ah thankyou. Yes that is neglect but fairly recent neglect, we
reorganised the folder structure before 3.4 but it seems we forgot the
paths in the copyright folder.

OK I've fixed it now in svn.
Feel free to pull it in. (I'd like to help with the debian packaging
git - could I be given access or should I start my own git and send
pull requests?)

>>>> Where did you get the packaging from? Upstream?
>>> Yes. I took it from the upstream SVN repository. Dan has done one more
>>> - at least - after I took it, though. He might have removed some
>>> files. I specifically told him about some proprietary files that he
>>> removed. I'll double check this and let you know.
>>> If Dan would tell us what he changed meanwhile, that would help. Dan?
>> I removed common/Source/lang/LangPrimSource/HID_Utilities/* since that
>> had an apple copyright with a dubious gpl compatibility, and (in the
>> svn packaging info) removed the apple entry from debian/copyrights as
>> a result.
>> (To be more accurate: We have a script that makes a pruned
>> linux-source .tar.gz, so what I did was to add the folder to the list
>> of what gets pruned out. The folder is still there in the upstream and
>> used on mac.)
> Where is this pruned linux-source tar.gz? Our repository seems to have
> the SuperCollider-3.4-Source-With-Extras-linux.tar.gz file from
> sourceforge with md5sum 20631117a7e9fb1c862833ce424ce9f4. Should we be
> using the without extras variant? Or maybe even another tarball?

With-extras should be fine, however so far I've only tweaked the
not-with-extras one to remove the Apple files
(SuperCollider-3.4-rev2-Source-linux.tar.gz at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/supercollider/files/Source/3.4/ ).
We're hoping to get 3.4.1 released very soon so I'll include these
tweaks in that.


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