I haven't seen much discussion here on JACK Session, I know there has been
some preliminary work on Ladish. Unfortunately these 2 divergent ways of
doing the same thing are in their early stages but Squeeze will really be
out of the loop for Ardour 3 and Qtractor updates unless there is JACK
Session support. Truly only jackd1, jackd2 and qjackctl will need updating
for this important development whereas Ladish requires many more outside
like like python-jack etc. Is there any possibility of getting JACK
Session support into Squeeze? Without it it will be a dinosaur for
multimedia before it is even released!

Since Ardour devs are not getting behind Ladish I think it is only logical
to pursue JACK Session since the 2 big players Sequencer wise support it

Also why can't libjack0 and libjack-dev be linked to jackd2? Building
stuff from source and running COMMON third party stuff like linuxsampler
and clam-chordata is not possible without libjack0 in the mix. Is this
just not possible or an oversight? It makes development with jackd2 quite

Thoughts?, Opinions?

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