On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:55:39PM -0400, Nathan A. Stine wrote:
> Package: mplayer
> Version: 2:1.0~rc4~try1.dsfg1-1
> Severity: normal
> When watching a theora-encoded file and using fftheora to decode, mplayer 
> seems
> to introduce some distortion at the top of the video file.  This problem does
> not exist with the 3rd-party "standard" theora decoder.  I checked the file in
> ffplay and did not find the same distortion, so I believe this is an mplayer
> bug.
> The file in question is here:
> http://ia331209.us.archive.org/0/items/Patent_Absurdity/Patent_Absurdity_HD_3540kbit.ogv
> A screenshot is attached to show the distortion.  The video is encoded at an
> interesting resolution: 1280x1088, which may contribute to the problem.

One or more of these FFmpeg revisions have not been backported to 0.6 I guess:
r23537, (r25050 not directly related), r25051, r25052, r25073

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