Hey all,

So the plan for puredata-dev has been pushed off until Pure Data 0.43 is released and packaged, so I think that the approach used in these two packages is going to be necessary for the timebeing.

Can anyone upload these two? They are needed as deps for the rest of the packages that I have ITP'ed.


On Sep 22, 2010, at 2:10 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

I'm following up to see whether someone will sponsor these packages. All of the rest of the packages that I've ITP'ed depend on these, so I would like to get these in so I can continue submitting the rest of the libraries.

I think that it'll be a while before puredata-dev gets sorted out and uploaded, and puredata 0.43 is not even released yet, so I think its worthwhile to upload these with the current patched workaround.

Plus once I become DM or DD, then I can do the follow-up uploading myself, thereby not inconveniencing anyone else :) If someone here will vouch for me, I'll revive my DM application now. :-D


On Sep 13, 2010, at 4:15 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

Ok, I figure while we are on a roll, I'll feed in a few more from my
backlog.  The ones so far are just standard Pd libraries, so pretty
straightforward. These two, puredata-import and pd-libdir, are things
to support libraries, so they are not big, but more complicated to
package. Also, the lack of puredata-dev makes it a bit more complicated
(its in collab-maint/puredata.git awaiting attention from the
Maintainer). These two are quite important so I wanted to get them in now, then when/if puredata-dev arrives, I'll amend them appropriately.

You'll notice that these two packages include two headers as a patch.
That's what should be in puredata-dev, but are not yet.  We also just
streamlined the installation of headers upstream in 0.43, that's why
these depend on puredata (<< 0.43).

There is also the naming of pd-import vs puredata-import.  Basically,
there are multiple forks of Pd, 'puredata' represents the original. I hope to package 'pdanywhere' and 'pdextended' soon. That's the origin of
the "Provides: pd", these packages will all provide 'pd'.
puredata-import is not called pd-import because its meant for only
'puredata', not 'pdextended' for example. 'pdextended' has the import
object built-in, so 'pdextended' will "Provides: pd-import".

Also, libdir-1.9.tar.gz and import-1.3.tar.gz were recently uploaded to sourceforge, so they are not showing up for me yet with a "uscan -- dehs



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