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> I haven't seen much discussion here on JACK Session, I know there has been

Mostly because JACK session is (or at least has been until recently)
under development upstream. While there was support for it in jackd1,
jackd2 was lagging behind.

Consequently, only few application developers decided to early-adopt the
new feature. In addition, there was some sort of competition between
ladish and jack session support.

Anyway, the developers now at least talk again to each other and things
seem to improve. ;) And finally, since r4057 from 2010-09-29, (upcoming)
jackd2 1.9.7 will support jack session. Likewise, also jackd1 still has
no official release containing jack session support, but that's expected
for 0.119. At least the code is in the repository. ;)

Long story short: we won't see it in Squeeze. We're currently freezed,
and there's almost no chance to get major code updates into testing

> Is there any possibility of getting JACK Session support into Squeeze?
> Without it it will be a dinosaur for multimedia before it is even
> released!

Exactly. This is the sad thing about multimedia: Debian release cycles
cannot cope with upstream's pace. We've addressed this issue at
DebConf10, the solution might be CUT (constantly usable testing, think
of testing snapshots every six months or so).

Given that there are no jack-session enabled apps for squeeze, we're at
least consistent not to support it on the jackd server side. Once the
freeze is over, we'll surely update the whole distribution to make use
of this new feature.

I know this is disappointing news for you, but there will always be new
features missing in a stable release. Call it jack session today, call
it some LV2 plugins tomorrow...

> Also why can't libjack0 and libjack-dev be linked to jackd2? Building
> stuff from source and running COMMON third party stuff like linuxsampler
> and clam-chordata is not possible without libjack0 in the mix. Is this
> just not possible or an oversight? It makes development with jackd2 quite
> difficult.

I have a "Provides: libjack-dev" in my local libjack-jackd2-dev package.
I've seen a similar question raised on this list, but I hadn't any time
yet to respond.

If you think the Provides could do the trick, then I'll try to get this
change into Squeeze.


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