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Also, on a related topic, I want to become a Debian Maintainer, so I was wondering if now would be a good time to do that. I was part of the localteam for DebConf NYC, and I've been using Debian since '99. Me being a DM might make that list of remaining ITPs that I've posted look less daunting ;-)

Any time is a good time!

Go for it!!

So I guess I should first become a DM, I just need DDs to advocate for me. My GPG key is signed by many DDs, I have in the past posted my intro to debian-newmaint (I can repost), I read all the required reading.

If Debian Maintainer is what you want to be then go for that.

If what you want is to be a Debian Developer - i.e. also the political aspects of our community, then I see no need to first apply for DM.

I think I'll ease into DD status via DM. I don't have the time currently to be fully involved, but I hope to work it into my weekly routine. Then I'll become a DD.

On a related note, should I be adding "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" to the packages that I've put into git.debian.org?

That is separate from above: It depends on who you are working with in packaging for Debian - if those are DDs then there is no need, but if they are DMs only, then yes, tag it and have a DD upload at first.

Well, these would be for packages that are part of pkg-multimedia. Does that mean "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" is not needed?



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