Package: libffado2
Version: 2.0.1+svn1856-5
Severity: important

The attached program fails when the libffado2 cache exists
(~/.ffado/cache).  It spills the following error message in

libiec61883 warning: iec61883_cmp_create_p2p_output: Failed to set the oPCR[0] 
plug for node 0.
ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1248856282860: Error 
(ieee1394service.cpp)[1413] allocateIsoChannelCMP: Could not do CMP from 
FFC0:00 to FFC1:-1
ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1248856282871: Error (avc_avdevice.cpp)[ 
816] startStreamByIndex: Could not allocate ISO channel for SP 0
ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1248856282877: Warning 
(devicemanager.cpp)[ 863] startStreamingOnDevice: Could not start stream 0 of 
device 0x464300
ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1248856282884: Warning 
(devicemanager.cpp)[ 900] startStreaming: Could not start streaming on device 
ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1248856282890: Fatal (ffado.cpp)[ 211] 
ffado_streaming_start: Could not start the streaming system

Deleting the cache (rm -r ~/.ffado/cache) will resolve the issue.

As far as I can see, there is no option to disable the cache.  A
shared library writing to the user's home directory is not exactly
good programming style anyway.

Severity important because it renders the library useless, unless you
delete the cache each time before you run a libffado2 application.

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