On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:41:50AM +0200, Max Kellermann wrote:

> > > ERROR: messagebuffer not initialized: 1250338856611: Warning
> > > (ffado.cpp)[ 121] ffado_streaming_init: Realtime scheduling is not
> > > enabled. This will cause significant reliability issues.
> > 
> > You're running it without realtime priorities? Now I see why you get
> > the timing issues mentioned above.
> You seem to be misunderstanding the problem here.  This is not about a
> buffer xrun because the application didn't submit enough PCM samples
> in time; this is about a crash due to an assertion failure, i.e. a bug
> in libffado2.

Oh, you're right. At least something is wrong. It's also throwing this
failed assertion on my known-to-be-working setup.

Given that jackd can successfully use libffado, it might be still your

I'm CCing ffado-devel.

When I compare


to the code in jackd1's drivers/firewire/ directory or to ffado's
tests/streaming/teststreaming3.cpp, I wonder if you might simply miss to
fill the buffers or to iterate/wait for FFADO.

For ffado-devel: log is at


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